This is the last of three blogs on what I pack when I am travelling if you want to see the previous two so you have the whole picutre please click on one of the links below.  

Here is what goes in my laptop bag

1.  All my glasses yes, I do need 4 pairs!!!

2.  Power bank (this one will charge my laptop and also my camera batteries in camera)

3.  Laptop

4.  Headphones (with a cable for watching movies on the plane)

5.  Pen (Moving through borders often ends up in form filling out)

6.  Bag of basic toiletries (plus and necessary medications)

7.  Pouch with all the cables etc that I need.  Please see below for the contents of this.  


gadget pouch contents

see my Amazon Store In the pouch is the following

1.  2 x SSD drives with cables

2.  2 x plugs one UK one Europe

3.  Memory stick

4.  SD card reader

5.  Mouse

6.  Camera battery charger

7.  Cable for Garmin

8.  Phone cable

9.  Kindle cable

10.  USB-C cable

11.  Multi use cable

All pretty obvious.  I love the san Disk SSD drives as they are tiny, fast and robust.  I have a 4TB one that my entire Lightroom catalogue lives on so I can take it anywhere easily. 

Which bag does it all go in? 

A think Tank Retrospective 7.  Why?

When I am travelling I use it as my laptop bag with all the bits and pieces detailed above.  When I get to my destination all the laptop stuff comes out and I use the bag as my camera bag on the vehicle so I carry my long lens with a camera attached and then my second camera and lens along with my wide angle, extenders, filters, spare batteries, spare memory cards etc all go in this bag so I don’t have my massive roller bag taking up space but I do have access to everything I need.  This bag also has loads and loads of pockets to keep everything organised and a wee extra pocket on the end that you can open up for a water bottle.  


think tank laptop bag

If you want to see exactly what all the bits and pieces are then see my Amazon Store Link below where you will find a list of all the things I use regularly. 

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