laura galbraith

My photography journey started when my children were young, and I bought a digital SLR to capture the memories.  As the boys grew so did my photography skills. My passion for wildlife photography took off when I was lucky enough to revisit my country of birth Malawi in 2014.   Being surrounded by wildlife in its natural habitat is so inspiring, I needed to try and capture the feeling in my images.   I have since travelled around the UK, been back to Africa several times, and travelled further afield, always with an eye on the local wildlife, and how I can further improve my photography of it.   My wildlife photographs have won several national awards and competitions.  In 2019 I started my pet photography business in my home studio and now have lots of fun taking beautiful images of people’s pets. I also get great pleasure from teaching photography, running a variety of subject focussed courses across East Anglia and the East of England.   In my early life I was a maths and IT teacher and many of the challenges and rewards are similar.  One of the most satisfying parts of teaching is seeing my students improving and producing high quality work themselves, then coming back and taking those next steps to photographing something new or pushing the boundaries of their equipment.

“There are no bad pictures; that’s just how your face looks sometimes” – Abraham Lincoln

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